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British Researchers Can’t Find Your G-Spot: Big Surprise

A team at Monty Python’s School of Silly Walks King’s College London finally proved that the G-spot falls within the realm of unicorns, old wives tales and feminine hysteria. Are you picturing a lab study with white coats, latex gloves and actual scientific evidence? Don’t.  Their findings were based on fucking mail-in questionnaires. They could have just sent me a Hitachi Wand Attachment and a video camera and I would have happily female ejaculated that study right down the drain.

I got your evidence right here, Kings College.

But seriously Britain, when it comes to a job like this you don’t send in Limony Snickets. My extensive non-scientific research has also led me to the conclusion that most of your countrymen can’t find my clit with a GPS and a flashlight but you don’t see me holding a press conference. Why not leave the female anatomy to the experts (like the Italians) and focus on issues of which you seem better informed (like tooth decay.)*

*Yes, for satirical purposes I just insulted an entire country. I’m looking forward to a diligent cavity-search when I do make my way through British customs.

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  1. January 16, 2010 at 10:46 am

    LMAO! I have a friend, who claims to be very experienced in matters sexual, categorically denying that she has one. I find it most bizarre, because she seems determined to make me agree with her. From all my experiences with Ruf, I know it’s there. Whether it’s exactly where they say it is for all women? Well, that would be a far better thing to spend their money on…

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