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Jack in the Crack

I don’t like fast food. Somehow it doesn’t agree with my goal of not wearing a shower curtain as a sarong. Additionally, I don’t like it when huge fast food conglomerates attempt to part me with my money by using kid-friendly corporate mascots. Take our friend “Jack” for instance.

When I see ads of that pompous golf ball shilling fecal burgers I just really want to tee off that motherfucker into the face of the sun. How on earth they compel logic-impaired people to stick those things on their car antennas is God’s own mystery. Next thing you know they’ll be conning people into shoving them up their asses. What’s next? Corporate mascot butt plugs?  Ha ha..

 I am your master.

Insert. Consume. Obey.


  1. April 4, 2010 at 4:45 am

    JAck in the box scares me. Why does he have human hands?!

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