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What will they think of us?

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

40,0000 years from now a superior life form will land on earth and excavate the contents of our landfills in hopes of understanding our civilization. What is that one object that, like the Mayan Calendar, will be the key to unlocking the mysteries of our once-mighty culture?

Naturally, it will be the Hairy Cherry Magnetic Muff Game.

hairy cherry

Oggmork and Xagnooble have been digging for months with no luck, when suddenly…

Oggmork: Praise Zog! It appears to be a juvenile rendering of a humanoid female. Could it be a deity of some sort? A talisman! I can actually feel its powerful energy coursing through my tentacle!

 Xagnooble:  No, Oggmork. This is what was once called an “adult novelty item.” This form of low humor was designed to elicit chuckles from imagination-impaired fuckwits.  Like edible underwear.

Oggmork: Looky here Xag! I can use the pen to draw a mustache on her zapdoodle. Astoundingly clever! As they say, Zog does work in mysterious ways.

 Xagnooble: (Sighs, his tentacles now sagging with despair)  There is no Zog.