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There aint no party like a slap bracelet party.

High Adventure on the Interwebs

February 2, 2010 1 comment

Could you suggestively sway your dorsal fin for me? Oh that's hot.

Our little blog is a hotbed of weird. Seriously, this place is crawling with farm lubers, slobbering goons and dolphin sexers. Check out this list of of our top search engine terms and see if you don’t agree that I should probably wash the drapes.

  • dolphin penis
  • dolphin dildo
  • dolphin doll sex
  • barbi twins sex
  • sideways vagina pictures
  • slanted pussy
  • dirtiest pussy
  • celine dion hairy face
  • Glory hole
  • never had blow job
  • farm lube
  • dole banana dildo
  • animal dildos
  • worst sex doll
  • coors light twins (Frat boys do surf the web when they aren’t throwing coors light cans at gay people.)
  • paralysed jesus (Seriously, what the fuck does that even mean?)

Don’t you wish “dirtiest pussy” searcher would meet “Glory Hole” searcher in the comments section? That would be a fun love match.

The seventh sign of the apocalypse

December 2, 2009 1 comment

Should you find yourself needing disturbing holiday stocking stuffers or a last minute gift for a baby shower (in a meth lab) Hustler makes baby clothes.  Let’s just close our eyes and let that sink in…

 Hustler. Makes. Baby clothes.  Oh God.

hustler baby

The shit has hit the fan.

As the saying goes, “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was.. Larry Flynt?”


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