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Tickle Me Stupid.

September 12, 2009 13 comments

There comes a time when one encounters an adult toy so deficient, so moronic, so pants-crappingly idiotic that it creates a black hole of stupidity that common sense can’t even escape.

Tickling Bra, your time has come.

vibrating bra

This is a device that- like Sarah Palin- seems to serve no other purpose than leaving me paralysed with confusion and blind rage. Jesus Christ..I actually feel dizzy.

Mama, can you hear me?

vibro bra

Now, you may say to yourself “But wait a minute. Women like their nipples stimulated, and women love vibrators. Women wear bras. A vibrating bra! Wowee! What a maverick idea!” Right?

WRONG. You are confusing nipples with clits.

I suggest you go punch yourself in the face.

Good day.